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generally unamusing run

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Sep. 23rd, 2007 | 08:19 pm
location: TARDIS

Bacon bacon bacon... *sings* I think I heard it on the telly... anyway, I'm posting, despite nothing very interesting happening in the wide world of Rachael.

thats why it will be

whehehehelllll... no that prelude was totaly misleading, I realy don't have anything to say.

At uni a while ago I was crossing the bridge at dutton park, one only for busses, cyclists and walkers... and theres a part at the end where the walker/cycalist has to cross (over the path taken by busses) if they are required to reach uni on the other side of said path. Recently a sign has been installed, it reads "cycalists and pedestrians must give way to busses" ... That realy leaves me wondering, at what point does a cycalist or pedestrian NOT make way for a bus? perhaps at the point in time they wish to become and inch thick? I'm not sure. In fact I believe (and I think Darwin would agree with me) that people stupid enough to insist on right of way when faced with a huge lump of badly constructed, ill-maintained, hunk of metal going ovr 60 km/hour filled with... fat kids or something... then they probably should walk out in front of it... clear up the gene pool a bit, you know?

speaking of the damned healthy people who have more muscle than brain, or if you prefer less fat than sense, I saw a "fun run" organised... some sign advertising it. My first thought was "well there's an oxymoron..." fun-run? FUN-RUN? fun... as in hahaheehee... balloons, parties... etc and run, as in *panting* thunder thigh wobbling... person in front of you the only thing you see for half an hour... sweaty... muscle wrenching, what is 'FUN' about running? WHAT!!?? at most I would advertise that as "mildly amusing run" or if I were being honest "generally unamusing run - but good if you want to wank about yourself late at night because you have no-one else because no one could possibly live up to the vision you have about yourself" not that I'm bitter. Seriously people... fun...run? I was tempted to go out there, and call the terrorist prevention hotline
"ah yes hello? there are alot of people - some of a middle east ethnic background - all running frantically in the same direction... I think there could be some kind of explosive they are running to or from.... yes some of them are carrying backpacks..." Just to see what happens.

anyway... That was it... just thinking aloud... hope it wasn't too disturbing for ya.

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Delicate Lie

(no subject)

from: delicate_lie
date: Oct. 2nd, 2007 05:32 am (UTC)

Sounds pretty reasonable to me too.

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