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death by irony

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Sep. 19th, 2007 | 07:19 pm
location: TARDIS
mood: cynicalcynical

well today was spec-crapular!

have you ever had one of those days that starts wrong right from when you try to go to bed on the preceeding day? yeah well today was one of those days I reaaly should not have gotten up and greeted. hell I shouldn't even have gone to sleep...

Well... I'm sick of being job-less, so despite having planned to spend today working on logic and generally uni stuff, I spent an entire unfruitful day searching for jobs. It ended with me none the more employed and a hell of a lot more depressed. I'm not qualified to do any-bloody-thing. aint that dandy... I WOULD say that the only productive thing I actualy did today was put on a load of washing, HOWEVER, and heres the spec-crapular ellement... one of my new bras just broke. not on the strap either, where it's fixable... oh no... in the middle. right in the, well anyway *sighs* so that fucking sucks...

now where was I? day gone, not got anything done... oh yes, the afternoon and how I nearly killed my neighbor in a highly ironic way.

well, seeking a way to make myself feel better after that stuff that happened today, I was putting my wet clothes in a basket downstairs when I saw my brother's Bow and Arrow set. I took it out and was looking for something to fire at when I also saw the old mattress mum said she was throwing out. Yep, what a GREAT idea... Anyway, after a while I was joined by my brothers, and we had a little competition going, and then the neghbor came home. Well... we were facing his shed, any stray arrows should be blocked by it right? So after cautioning everyone I lined up another arrow and shot. It rebounded off the top of the mattress and flew next door with a huge *hitting a shed* sound. Needless to say my brother and I buggered off inside rather bloody quickly.

Turns out it didn't so much hit the shed as it did nearly skewer the next door neghbor. And the irony? I hear you ask... his wife actualy set up an archery club and competed internationaly.

OK so that wasn't such a great day... no... well I'm kinda at a loss as to how to end, so this is it.

no, really it is...

ok now...

no... *giggles* you go first... no you.... ok thats enough now.

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Comments {3}

Delicate Lie

(no subject)

from: delicate_lie
date: Oct. 2nd, 2007 12:13 am (UTC)

LMAO. Oh, I can picture the entire bow and arrow event. It's fantasticlly funny to read - I'm sure it would have been fantastically funny to have been there (watching, not fireing the weapons).

My day's seem to have that same "doom and gloom" feel to them as well. You roll out of bed and stab urself with an earring you lost the night before... and you just know... it's only going to get worse from there on out.

Sucks about your bra. It's always a good one that brakes too - never one that you've been contimplating on chucking out. *le sigh*

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The Master

(no subject)

from: rach_the_whit
date: Oct. 2nd, 2007 04:33 am (UTC)

THIS IS SO TRU!!!! if only it had been my munted pair I could've replaced them and had all lovely pretty new bras... *sadface*

btw... YAY!!! A COMMENT!!! this will mean that you have posted, yes? :P

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Delicate Lie

(no subject)

from: delicate_lie
date: Oct. 2nd, 2007 05:26 am (UTC)

I could've replaced them and had all lovely pretty new bras... Let's face it. No one has the ability to only possess lovely and pretty bras. It'll never happen.

YAY!!! A COMMENT!!! this will mean that you have posted, yes? :P

DAMN IT! I'm foiled! You know my secret - I didn't think it was that noticed that I only comment when I post lol. Ooohh well.

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