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Feb. 7th, 2007 | 08:11 pm
location: TARDIS
mood: bouncybouncy

if memory serves me correctly...

ok... not an iron chef fan huh? well recently my friend Jacqui took me to dreamworld! YAY! for a b-day gift. It was... mostly fun. some arguing, some embarrassment, some losing of the path of light and stumbling onto...THE DARK SIDE!!!!! *over dramatises situation to extreme* well OK it was more missing our train and/or getting on the wrong one, but it's OK! one of the government selected lunatics, that are carefully in place on our public train systems was kind enough to announce the stations, occasionally agreeing with the train voice thing that announces stations but being mostly far more helpful by saying EXACTLY what the train was going to do. not clear? WELL TOO BAD! any-how... we got there

we got there and had a few tiffs, realized 'nightmares' (the thing we'd gone there for) wasn't on till 2 in the afternoon (or something) and went into angocia instead... we thought it wasn't going to be scary... HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA! for a starter, there were masks... I saw the first one, and thought... 'ahaha! this is going to move... it's a JUMPER! (my name for things that jump out... I don't like them at all)' so I managed to point it out for everyone else (by saying "SCARY MASK!" obviously far more effective than "I bet that'll jump out"), (very chivalrous of me I thought) before quickly blocking it from sight with my hat. apparently it jumped out and tried to look under my hat... but I'm very glad I didn't see it looking under my hat, I thought it was robotic, but it was on someones hand! AHAHAHAHA!!!!! and it went on from there. rather scary, but once they'd jumped out... still pretty scary HA...

in between angocia and nightmares, I went around, ate sum stuffs, and all, and I also won a rubber chicken (pronounced chickn) at the pot-a-chicken game... BECAUSE I ROCKED AT IT!!!!!!!!!!... and the other prizes I could have had (a giant fluffy love heart or a giant pink stuffed seahorse) would have been a) hard to carry round, and b) utterly... UTTERLY hideous. so anyway I took the chook, and because it asked politely I bought it a hair wrap. It was gorgeous... and wen I went to nightmares it acted as a comforter, and a barrier between me... and the corpses (I was hugging it tightly... lets just say, the chicken was glad it was made of rubber).

but wen we did get to the nightmares thing, I didn't want to go in, and yes at the time I had a rubber chicken, and yes I proceeded to make scummy puns about myself being a spineless chicken... but ladies and gentlemen of the jury! I BESEECH YOU! no sorry, getting carried away again. (gets down from witness stand). but eventually I went in because Jacqui promised to take a picture of me with the guy at the door, because he looked almost EXACTLY LIKE JIGSAW FROM THE SAW MOVIES!! anyway we went in... there were incidences with the rubber chicken I was clutching... I'm sad to say... instances where it accidentally flopped and hit a mans (corpses/creatures...watevas) bald head ... I really meant to say "OH MY GOD I'M SORRY, I'M SORRY, I'M SORRY!!!!" but what came out was a firm but fair "NO!" ahaaa.... *cringes* anyway, they all turned out to be really REALLY nice people, especially jigsaw, because he came and talked to me and Jacqui and answered all our questions we had too, and even asked the others to have their photo taken !!! HE WAS SO NICE! and apparently he is usually part of the corpses but it was his turn to sit at the door. anyhow, if those pictures come out... I'm gonna find a way to put them on my... LIVE JOURNAL!!!! :D:D:D:D

so it was a great day out! excellent in fact!!! and then we missed our train on the way back ... but still a good day. thats all... I just can't stop thinking about how nice they all were, it really kinda surprised me I guess... but anyway, I'm glad I met them!

also!!! I accidentally snubbed delicate_lie at the trainstation in the morning teehee, I'm sorry my only reader!!!!

oky enough now, g'bye.

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