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Headlines :shock death of a fatal goose bump-in-the-night; surgeons confused by mixed metaphores

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Dec. 28th, 2006 | 11:23 pm
location: TARDIS
mood: accomplishedaccomplished
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Well I'm having a fine old time of things... Mums on a rampage, so I'm basically hiding outside in my room, watching Grey's Anatomy and drinking Pepsi... and eating chocolates from xmas. it's really great *sarcastic*.

On the upside being forced to hide in my room all day and be forced to watch Greys (which I thought I wouldn't like) has made me realise what I'm missing out on there. (a fair bit). So thankyou delicate_lie for hooking me, once again, onto something new... not even finished Buffy, and still wanting after Dead Like Me... I'm gonna spend the rest of my days on the lounge (well actually lying on my bed trying to escape my psychopathic mother).

Mums great, you know, I don't think she could ever be replaced by a robot for instance... mostly because no one would make a robot like that. Why would someone make a robot as stupd and useless as my mother anyway? I don't know, but then agan, I've seen toilet roll holders that are radios and lighters with a calculator on them. So who knows? Sure, "try the 'mother00x0' it bitches whines and complains while yelling at you to do multiple impossible tasks in the same instance. It reminds you of all your bad points and continually creates messes, so you can clean up again and again! Comes with ten key phrases including classics such as "clean your room, do you want to live in a pig sty for the rest of your life?", "this isn't a hotel" and "why don't you go and live with your father". The 'mother00x0' has integrated learning technology to fully annoy the shit out of you. So when your out shopping, remember our motto: The 'mother00x0' puts the stress, into fuck off you overbearing cow.(comes with a lifetime garantee of agony, cost is your soul [gst inc]each part sold seperately, some assembly required, batteries not included)."

still, I shouldn't complain. *ends thought there*

so now I've finally arrived home from going to lots of different places and from doing lots of camping (an activity I hope never to repeat) So despite being ready for a little quality time sleeping in my own bed (for a change) I have taken the time to update, so excuse me for a second *pats self on back* and expect more updating and that sort of hoo-ha to be going on, I'm back and I have absolutely nothing better to do than to sit on my lazy ass all day in front of the computer :P.

Actually, soon I'll be watching Buffy season 5, kudos to delicate_lie tks!

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