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Dec. 3rd, 2006 | 10:11 pm
location: TARDIS
mood: happyhappy
music: I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts - monty python

Thats right... today I did a very heroic deed. It was about to storm, it was so close, you could smell the ... rain, you know the smell you get before rain right? anyway... and in the distance you could hear the thunder. It was drizzling lightly already, getting heavier by the second, when suddenly we realised ... BAH BAH BAHHHHHH, there were dry clothes on the clothes line! I ran out, and started unpegging, right as the storm was breaking over me. I didn't even have time to take a clothes basket, thats right, I was out there on my own... me and the ellements! and in the adrenalin induced rush, I didn't even feel the clumps of bindies digging into my unprotected feet... well, I did a bit, but only near the end, and then when I went inside and took out the bindies my feet started stinging... and I dumped the bindy clusters in the carpet, so later tonight I accidentally stood on them again. Anyway, as with all heroic tales, this does have some tradgedy... the tradgedy was that although most clothes made it inside, the underpants, and socks did not. Alas for the brave bits of lingerie (i hope thats how you spell the posh word for undies and crap of the same veriety) that were left behind, we will shed a bitter tear for you tomorrow, when we look in the drawer and find only the undies with no elastic, or with massive holes in them. Well who cares anyway? rain is such a relief after all the terrible hot days we've been having over here. not only have the days been hot, but they've also been humid (well dah, its raining now, so add the heat with the rain... meh) mum has been the typical stoic australian... (mum): heat? what heat? there IS NO HEAT! (me): ahhhh mum? I think your eyebrows have melted off... (mum): NONSENSE! dont be stupid! those were friendly caterpillas that I was talking to earlier and they've decided to go home now. (me, looking at what actually turned out to be caterpillas): oh yeah... going home huh? well lets hope they have air-con because one of them is dead and shrivelled like a mummy, and the other is suffering severe heat stroke. so yeah, I was shocked today when mum turned on the air conditioning, I had to resist the urge to look in her ear to see what kind of alien has taken her over. STILL... air-con good, therefore alien overmasters good. or better than mother overmasters. I think my life of servitude got a fraction better, so why look a gift alien overlord in the mouth, or beak... or whatever it is they have. and you know what? another really wierd thing happened to me today, I made a cup of tea, and GET THIS aright, like... I drank it.... while it was still warm! ok, I'll pause here because I know I just rocked your world. no? perhaps it was just my world that was rocked? well, it made a nice change to making tea then forgetting it untill it is tepid or even cold. Well I thought it was newsworthy ok? leave me alone! not only that, but I was watching thingy show on tv about australia's favourite album... and number one was DARK SIDE OF THE MOON! YEAH! GO PINK FLOYD! but even better, judith lucy was on, and she is the funniest female comedian I have ever heard. She just makes me piss myself (a problem when ur undies are outside in the rain) well, not really piss myself, im sure you are all aware the expression is not usually meant for the literal taking of? but they kept cutting her off to let someone else talk, and everyone else was a boring wanker. except maybe that obscure guy from chasers war on everything, but he wasnt as funny as he'd like to think he was. So yeah... it was a very interesting day for me today... in the way that it wasn't actually interesting, but no one is on msn to talk to at the moment so with nothing else to do I thought I would update. soooooooo yeah... thats about it (thankfully) and if anyone actually read this far, I congratulate you, well done.

oh yeah, and hey look I have some new user pics, and they ARENT ALL ROGER DELGADO AS THE MASTER! OMG! :P oky, they'll b integrating into my posts now, so look out for them (obviously as I address my audience I address the one person who reads my stuff :P thanks delicate_lie

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Comments {2}

Delicate Lie

Oh Yeah!

from: delicate_lie
date: Dec. 12th, 2006 08:49 pm (UTC)

Seriously, don't you hate it when it starts to rain and then you realise that there is stuff on the line? I hate that. I had a similar expirence a few weeks back now. Not a happy camper, I missed two things. A sheet and a dusting cloth. Actually I think they are both still on the line now... god I am lazy.

I wish i had a an aircon. damn you. If my mother held back on me I'd be screaming. "Air con? Not hot? I'll kill you!"

Yes, good work on the new user pics, but they are still doctor who related lol. You do understand that userpics are supose to depict your mood at the time you post. None of those icons are mood related lol. Mine are! lol. When I'm excited I use the Wilson one, it moves and he's going "Oh yeah!". It's so cute. Infact, I'll use it here, because I am feeling excited that you posted.

Oh. And put some damn breaks in your posts.

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The Master

Re: Oh Yeah!

from: rach_the_whit
date: Dec. 13th, 2006 12:10 pm (UTC)

i broke my other post... i hope you're happy! and I'll have you know my pics ARE emotional things... this will be my tired/mildly depressed master pic....

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