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We are NOW the knights who say: ecky ecky ecky pikang zoop boing goodem zu owly zhiv

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Nov. 24th, 2006 | 09:51 pm
location: TARDIS
mood: pissed offpissed off
music: cat meowing to be let in *sniggers* im ignoring her.

Wheeeee! I was in the bus that hit je-HE-suz... no not really. actually if you watch that, the shadow of 'je-HE-suz' is clearly visable, but that of the bus is non-exsistant. ANYHOW...

*aside* hello... Id like to talk to you about Je-HEEZ-uz. (black books)

ecky ecky ecky PICKANG zoopboing *mumblemumblemumble* (NI) so yeeeaaahhhh... just thought 'd update, oky, here's a thought. CAN a lady with fake breasts get a flat? not a flat tyre, but a deflated breast? what if it was pierced by something? like a....ahhhhh.... sharp shell? OKY!, say shes in the surf, and a particularly sharp splinter of driftwood pierces one of the floaties (i mean breasts of course) so what then? does it deflate, fill with water and drag her down, drowning her? I geuss thats what life gaurds are for, I mean, they could drag her out, and give the breast mouth to mouth --> blow it up again? oh yeah, and revive the woman too. OBVIOUSLY... sha, YEAH, like theyd forget THAT, I think maybe NOT. ACTUALLY, is it possible for prosthetics to melt in extreem heat? nevermind, that one wasnt a good thought anyhow. no, but what if the breasts melted together? and became a singular breast? would that look wierd? or just like two breasts except they dont seperate or move independantly from each other. ok, I know there are QUESTION MARKS in there, but let me make it clear at this point I do not expect reasonable, well thought out answers to these questions. In fact, TAKE YOUR REASON AWAY FROM HERE, GO AND NEVER COME BACK.

ARIGHT, what I actually wanted to talk about was energex, that friendly lovely wonderful energy company who loves and cares for its customers fucking well snuck into the property, while no-one was home to opose them, and fucking well butchered the trees in our front yard. They stomped all over the maiden hair ferns, which will die now ANYWAY from lack of cover, which USED to be provided by the tree, and the excuse was that the tree was too close to the 'power lines' at our house. WHAT FUCKING BULLSHIT! we're going to raise the house, so it wouldnt have been a problem, and only ONE of those lines was a power line, it was the fucking line nowhere near THE TREE, OH BUT that DIDNT STOP THEM, OH NO. *sighs* it was some bloke with a chainsaw, obviously we're not going for minimal damage of the tree here... they cut off limbs that were thicker than MY limbs, limbs that were in no way a danger to the power lines, the fucking tree wasn't as tall as the power lines and it had been like that for years. STUPID FUCKERS! but anyway, i think I can pick out the council worker that did it --> theres one running around with a chainsaw, and a mask made out of the leaves and bark of trees. ooo yes, lets chop down THIS tree, this one that is NOWHERE NEAR THE POWER LINES. My tree wassn't a danger to society. You know I was watching some stupid keewee comedian talking about choosing rugby over oxygen, and I was laughing like "hahaha, no one would choose something over oxygen right?" well aparently energex would choose power lines over oxygen any day. HEY! FUCK YOU ENERGEX, that was MY oxygen you were chopping down, cut down ur OWN oxygen ok? but leave mine alone, and when u run out, dont come round to MY door asking for a cup of oxygen because ... I hate you *sulks in corner* and I dont want to be your friend anymore... go shove ur stupid power lines up ur ass, hopefully that experance will shock some sense into you. and its not even like you can complain to the ppl responsible.

I mean, u can talk to secretaries, like "I dont like that you BRUTALLY BUTCHERED my tree" and wats the secratary going to say? "yeah, let me get onto that for you, I'll just get them to stop cutting down trees right away" or "sure HERES the person in charge of energex, im sure he'll understand" i dont fucking think so. more like "hello, I dont like that you BUTCHERED MY FUCKING TREE" and the secretary would be more like "well let me shed a FUCKING TEAR FOR YOU cos theres not a whole fucking lot I can do about that *breaks down* I just oil the chainsaws, it's not really my fault!"

*sighs* well, I just wanted to bitch about that cos it really upset me, I had alot of fond memories playing in that tree as a kid, cos I've lived at my house for a long time now. Energex has been systematically cutting most trees along our street. its depressing and ts sensless, and thats why I like chinese... I like chinese... no, no more monty python, I'm leaving you on that note before I start bitching again.


oh yes, and because delicate_lie updated and commented and stuffs that made me happy and warm inside, I wanted to plug her in this post, so go there for a good page, its good, you'll laugh, you'll cry... why once you've finished looking at her LJ u'll need a prosthetic hip and a new set of ribs. so go, be merry. goooooooooooooooooooooooo *whispers as if the go was the howling of the wind, wigles fingers in a goodbye and tiptoes away as if no one could see her*

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